I don’t have the time

July 27, 2017

You want to know what time is is?
I don’t have it.
i don’t have the time.
I’ve got too much going on
there isn’t enough time to go around so get it somewhere else
stop taking my time
And give me some space!

TopherPUSA on the WEB

April 14, 2017

This blog http://www.TopherPUSA.wordpress.com
























June 12, 2013


Since I love so much

May 6, 2010

I love writing so much, I’m deciding to conquer my writer’s block.
I am doing this by the strategy of forcing myself to write a blog in the moment.

I got a good band playing, and I got a distraction going which I am trying my hardest to ignore.

I listed the goal of “Clearing my writers block” on the 43 things website.

It feels great being able to actually fulfill this objective.
It is now May 6th and I haven’t been writing much since before Christmas of 2009.  Maybe around 5,000 lame words.

Coincidentally, it’s this time of the year when I am usually known to pick up my writing stints.
It has something to do with overcoming the stress of the Winter Holidays, including Valentines Day, and my birthday January 3rd.

Once I have some excitement in my life, and something to really push me, and make me say to myself… “well why the fuck aren’t you writing this down?”

Do everything you can to bust past your barricade’s.

Another Dream

March 16, 2010

I see that there are a lot of people accomplishing a lot and making a huge impact on things.

I want to get out there and have an impact on people.

I believe in my idea’s and my problem solving ability.

If I were alive anytime before the 21st century, I would be the one revolutionizing the times.

Now that it is 2010, I want to do my part to revolutionize this modern age.
The reason why I can’t make the change is because I don’t have the help.
I don’t have the capacity to make my dreams a reality and I can’t make a change on my own.
Hopefully this new blog will promote my goals and make them realities.
I need people to stand behind me, and help me create solutions for third world countries, greener energy, political solutions, ways to make money, help the needy, the unemployed, the socially unaccepted, the sick, those who have trouble achieving their dreams.

I want to have a voice that people will actually listen to.

There are a lot of issues in this world and the new age of this modern world is more than capable to handle whatever situations the world goes through.
In order for these problems and tough issues to be controlled and dealt with properly, we need a force of people.

Theoretically that will probably happen virtually since most of my neighbors are not into changing the world, but there are people spread out all over the nation and world with that similar goal of mine in mind.

Achieving Goals

March 14, 2010

One major goal I have, amongst an enormous amount of other goals, is snowboarding for an entire winter across the Canadian and Alaskan and northern US mountain ranges.

I want to hop in a helicopter every hour and fly to the top of a mountain peak and rock out down the powdery slopes.

I want my rides to be captured on film and I want to be one of the rad dudes you see on FuelTV having the time of his life doing what he loves to do with his best friends.

I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a boy and now I’m 25 and I realized that I haven’t really even come close to making it happen and if I don’t start doing what I need to to achieve this goal and this dream of mine, I’m going to be 30, or 40, or 50, or dead…. and incapable of ever fulfilling one of my hearts desires.

So I’m a bit agitated that I haven’t made it there yet, and then I think of the other goals I haven’t achieved, and it’s just time I start riding out.

The truth is that I don’t have the money to make it all happen.  Getting to know the right people is also tough.

I like posting about my unachieved goals. So the next blog will be about another.


July 22, 2009


Interested in organizing tables of wise people to converse and create positive results.
Lots of conversation and collaborating.
Implementing idea’s we develop… into activities or products.
All of us together, we the groups will achieve innovative order and progress.
We’re going to become a big corporation.
We need people to come together and be the company, stand behind the company.
We develop logos, slogans, advertisements, services, products, and charity to our community.
Interested in bringing people together, much like many other collaborations of people. (eg. Music fests, concerts, conventions, everyday job, church, sports groups, movies, events, trade-shows, fairs, sports game, everyday city sidewalk.)
We develop as a company by bringing popular ideas to the table to help us grow with success.
We determine, what to do with our money, and, what we can do to make money.
With endless opportunities in this huge world, we set no limits as to what we can accomplish.
Here are some things we might talk about:
Modeling events
Grand Openings
Party organizing
videos to create – Shorts and feature films
Web designing ideas –
Website upkeep
Advertising – Commercials, print ads, billboard, radio, web ads,
Magazine development
Edit to things which need editing
Groups to start
Music – Genres, songs, bands, trends, concerts, albums.
What’s relevant in the modern news
Historic facts
Vacations – Traveling
Popular trends
Entrepreneurial ideas
Maximizing our Technology
Group activities
Channels of operations
Customer support
Human resources
Reviews, opinions, viewpoints
Hot girls being hot
Business productivity
Proper employee/participant payment agreements
Food – how to cook it, how to serve it, how to acquire it, how to profit from it.
Getting the youth involved
Getting the wealthy involved
Prioritization of what the company must address
Developing a headquarters, core principles, goals, and a name for ourselves.
Community events
Helping our friends, families, communities, partners
Official requirements we must meets on a legal, state, federal level.
Expanding, growing, strengthening
Organizing a board of trustees

All under group involvement. Board room style meetings.
Lots of listening, lots of talking, Serious official business,
You can become a part of either, or all of these meetings.
No sleeping on the job please.

Call for your first interview with the proprietor… for an orientation type of meeting.
Following weekly, monthly, and even our daily meetings.

Magazine transporter
M Head Xene
Mini Papers –Emyouriaye
Slide it Side2Side
Paper Promotions
Freshman Maga-year
Lock the Port –
Carton of Cartoons
Ameri.F.lag Football
ABC Surprise
Imagi.Z.ine calendar 2008
Gine.Z.imia – eleven point fan 88 pgs
Zinitan (On da wall)
This is what’s up
Diamond mind mine
Twisted Lit


July 11, 2009

2009 0711 _2004

Contact Info
Focus Point
Original Catch Phrases
Business Cards
Imagi.Z.ine Services
Imagi.z.ine Websites
Imagi.z.ine Phone number
Imagi.z.ine E-mail
Imagi.z.ine P.O. Box
Mission Statement
Newspaper placement, Phonebook space,
Employee Application
Employee Handbook
Employee services to render to customers
Employee Tasks
Employee Expectations

Proper Business Etiquette
Useful People
Magazine content submissions
Fanmail, Feedback
Pictures, Paintings, Drawings, PC Art, Pictures of other kinds of art.
Poetry, Orinions, News Report, Summary, Story
Photography – Settings, dress, person, objects to photograph.
Projects to undertake

things relevant by Popular association.

The Real Book
Magazine style A
Phootball Flag-iZine
Slyder Zine
Twist Cards, Joke Cards, Fact cards
Online Advertisement for Business card space
Mini Papers
Mini Mag*Zine
Emyouriaye Book
Bam Toastin Clear 40+2


Huge/Small but effective business moves

Soccer Balls
Tennis Balls
Golf Balls
Ping pong Balls
Billiard balls
Water balloons
air hockey
jump rope
tug of war
Lacrosse balls


October 10, 2007

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March 24, 2006

A Nice Summer has been had.
All the sun, all the water, all the people and festivities.
It was Hott.
And everyday got hotter.
Blazing days were super crazy.
What’d we/I do anyways?
We cherished every moment because that time exists only once.
The new frontier we crossed, gave us an insight we couldn’t achieve if we never went there.
And then we went further, because it felt so good to explore and discover the world and all its wonders.
Hundreds upon trillions of things were uncovered.
Not to mention all the lovers.
That time was free… it didn’t cost a thing except the “fee” when businesses (needed to) collect their money.
Whatever, they are working… Not me.
My summer job was to get a picky chick to pick me.
I had to get some girl to rob me of my daily virginity.
And today, I’m a virgin.
During those months, I found serenity…
I was on a chair, breathing fresh air and taking in the atmosphere.
I thought of things, like why humans don’t have wings or gills, why we get ill, and what makes time tick and the world spin…
Why are people fat and others thin?
Why is there a different color on everybody’s skin?
Where does eternity exist?
And how long can you make a list?
How long is too long?
How specific do I need to be for you to see just exactly what I mean?
It’s the lifestyle I love.
My lifestyle, you would want… if you only knew the things I do.
I’m pure in my life, and my style is not vile.
Ever since I was a child I aspired to make it higher, grow up taller, stronger, and make the best last longer.
The only things I took for granted were things I was incapable of seeing and feeling…
They were somewhere, but it wasn’t my fault I didn’t appreciate or utilize them…
They must have been too small in size to make an impact on me.
If it’s in my hand, large or small, good or bad, I’ll stretch it out for the full effect, (to) thrive on the good and ignore what is bad…
It’s not important anyways.
My advantage is your disadvantages…
One of them is that I’m much better than you.
Another one is that I get to you.
I’m inside your head; it makes you feel brain dead.
I’m really just twisting your insides up and maybe putting some out… Inside out.
But the twist is what you need, even if it does make you bleed.
I want you to take heed, and grow along with the seeds that I have planted.
I twist to turn your head around to comprehend the things I send your way.
Take a turn, because it is your turn.
U-Turn to make it work the right way.
You left the rest behind, because you’re tired of being blind.
Get excited for all the things that you will find, now that you have opened your eyes to see a summer sunrise.